Dental Crowns Protect & Repair Damaged Teeth

From Just $799 & 0% Financing
(Prices listed are for non-insured patients. For "Insured" patients your insurance may cover up to 100% of the cost.)

Let’s fix your damaged teeth with dental crowns and restore your smile. Schedule a consultation with our dental crown dentist & discuss the best treatment options for you. Go ahead give us a call and we’ll try to schedule your appointment at the earliest. Walk-Ins & same day appointments available.

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Dental Crown Treatment By Experienced Dentists & The Most Affordable In The Entire Central Valley

We understand dental crowns costs for treatment can be very expensive. That’s why we’ve decided to make our dental crowns treatment affordable for everyone. With 209 Dental Care, you’ll never pay high prices other dentists charge. We believe everyone should be able to smile with confidence. This is why our dental crowns costs are the most affordable in the area. Go ahead look around, you won’t find the same dental crowns treatment at a lower cost.

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Protect A Worn Tooth

Dental crown treatment to protect & save your natural tooth. Dental crowns help preserve your teeth and you can continue eating your favorite food. Our dental crown dentists are well experienced in making patients feel comfortable during their treatments. We make dental crown treatments virtually pain-free.

Improve Your Smile

Dental crowns help improve the appearance of the tooth and your smile. With dental crowns you can change the shape of a tooth, and color to provide an improved look to your smile. Dental crowns are a good long-term option because they are durable and dental crown treatments have a very high satisfaction rate with patients.

Save A Damaged Tooth

Dental crown treatments can help natural teeth last longer with proper care. If your tooth is damaged, decayed, cracked, or broken dental crown can support the tooth and help last longer without the need of tooth extraction.

Cost Effective & Efficient

Dental crowns cost less than tooth extractions and their replacement procedures. Plus dental crowns costs are covered by most dental insurances. Tooth extractions can be a lengthy process with multiple follow ups for needing dentures or dental implants to replace the extracted tooth.

Dental Crowns Cost From Just $799

Fully Transparent Costs Upfront - No Surprises Here

We know you don’t like surprises of extra charges and hidden fees. That’s why we tell you all of the related costs upfront before you say yes to any treatment plans. Schedule a consultation and say yes, to your beautiful smile with confidence.

(Prices listed are for non-insured patients. For “Insured” patients your insurance may cover up to 100% of the cost.)

All of Our Treatment Prices are

Disclosed Right Upfront, No Surprises

Healthy Teeth and a Beautiful Smile

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We’ll do a careful analysis and check the current state of your teeth.

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We’ll explain and discuss all of the available treatment plans. We’ll work with you to come up with the best option for your particular situation. We’ve got payment plans available as well.

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We guarantee once the treatment is completed, you’ll love your smile again. Your teeth will be healthier than ever.

At dinners, at parties and those family get togethers. We’ll give you a reason to smile again

Choose 209 Dental Care For Your Dental Crowns Treatment

Easy Scheduling

We work around your schedule to complete the procedure, ensuring that you will never feel rushed or uncomfortable during the course of the treatment.

Affordable Prices

We are the most affordable dental implants solution without sacrificing any quality. We simply believe in making the treatment experience smooth, comfortable and easy as possible for our patients without the over-charges. Financing options with no interest, and/or no credit check available.

Advanced Technology

Not all dentists are the same, not all tools are the same. We have carefully invested in the best set of tools because we want you to have a safe and stress-free experience with little to no pain.

We guarantee you'll be glad you choose 209 Dental Care. You'll be happy with the experience. That's our promise!

20+ years of experience

We have helped over 10,000 patients bring radiant smiles. Our dentists are loved by our patients. We are proud to be helping patients bring their smiles back and maintain good healthy teeth.

We are fully licensed by the Dental Board of California. Voted Best Dentist, Member of CDA, ADA,

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Zirconia Dental Crowns

From Just $799

Zirconia dental crowns are relatively new and have quickly become an increasingly popular choice. Zirconia crowns provide great look and feel just as natural teeth, they are strong and long lasting with less possibilities of chipping or breaking.

(Prices listed are for non-insured patients. For “Insured” patients your insurance may cover up to 100% of the cost.)

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5 Habits to Having Healthier Teeth

Comfortable Environment, Friendly Dentists without the Dental Anxiety

At 209 Dental Care we know that you want to have healthy teeth and a beautiful smile. In order to do that, you need a dentist that takes away your dental anxiety. The problem is life gets busy and your oral care gets neglected which makes you feel embarrassed and frustrated. We make routine checkups and caring for your teeth a breeze by taking care of the scheduling for you.

We know you want healthy teeth and a beautiful smile which is why we make your oral health our priority. It’s no wonder our patients love us and love their new smiles.

Here’s how we do it: first let’s schedule a consultation, then we’ll discuss treatment options that best fit you. Once we’re done you’ll love your smile and healthier teeth. So, let’s book a consultation. And in the meantime, here are 5 habits to having healthier teeth. So you can stop feeling embarrassed and instead start showing off your new smile.

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Cosmetic Dentist FAQ​s

At 209 Dental Care, our dental crowns are from just $699 (without insurance, but if you have insurance your insurance plan may cover 100% of the cost) and no hidden fees. We care about assisting our patients with affordable health care, so we provide several payment plans and no-interest financing options with no interest if paid in full in 12-24 months. Even if you have bad credit or no credit history we will help you find a way to make your dental treatment possible. You can find out more about our payment options and pricing here. To get started contact our experienced dental crown dentists for affordable dental crown costs.

Dental crowns are caps that are put over a tooth or dental implant. The purpose of the dental crown is to restore a tooth back to its normal look, feel, and function. If you have a tooth that is broken, weak, discolored, or misshapen you may need a dental crown. 


However, due to advances in dentistry, there are many options to restore damaged teeth so it is important to understand why you need a dental crown. If you need or had a root canal treatment a dental crown is used to protect the tooth .The tooth becomes weak and brittle after the root canal treatment, which is why a dental crown is recommended after a root canal. You may also need a dental crown if the tooth is severely broken or misshapen. At that point, any other procedure may not be effective and a dental crown would be the most long-lasting and durable treatment.  To get started contact our experienced dental crown dentists for affordable dental crown costs.

No, not at all! Don’t worry we want your dental crown to look natural and feel comfortable too. We offer Zirconia dental crowns that look and feel just like natural teeth. The color of the crown will be matched to your natural teeth, for a seamless blend. Zirconia dental crowns are also very popular for their strength and durability. They can even last for a lifetime. With these dental crowns, you’ll be able to function just as you normally would and you’ll smile even brighter. To get started contact our experienced dental crown dentists for affordable dental crown costs.

When you give us a call for a dental crown we can get you an appointment the same day to complete the treatment as quickly as possible and restore your tooth’s functionality. Typically the procedure is completed within just 2 visits. The process can be summarized in four simple steps:


Step 1: Your natural tooth is prepped for the crown by removing any decay and by shaping it to fit the crown. Our dentists may also strengthen the core of the tooth if additional support is needed for the dental crown. 

Step 2: A model of your teeth is made for the dental crown. The model can be made from a mold or by taking photos of your teeth. 

Step 3: During that same visit a temporary dental crown will be places while your permanent dental crown is being prepared. It’ll take less than 2 weeks for the permanent crown to be ready 

Step 4: It’ll take less than 2 weeks for the permanent crown to be ready. Once it is you’ll come in for the second appointment where your dentist will adjust the crown and ensure it comfortably fits in your mouth. Once you and your dentist are both happy with how it looks and feels, the crown is permanently put into place. 

To get started contact our experienced dental crown dentists for affordable dental crown costs.

Your dental crown will function just as a normal tooth and like normal teeth it can also get damaged. The tooth underneath the crown is protected by the crown but it can still have cavities or infectected. Proper care for the dental crown is important but simple. Be sure to brush your teeth twice a day and floss once a day. This is important to ensure there isn’t any food or debris stuck in between the crown that can cause cavities. To prevent any damage to your crown or the tooth underneath avoid chewing hard foods like ice or hard candies. You should also avoid chewing on any hard objects like pencils. Even with proper at home care you should regularly visit your dentist for a professional cleaning and to catch any serious issues early on. To get started contact our experienced dental crown dentists for affordable dental crown costs.

Thanks to anesthetics and sedation patients feel little to no pain at all. While we are prepping your natural tooth for the dental crown you’ll receive a local anesthetic to numb the area. You can also opt to use one of our sedation methods that will help you feel more comfortable and relaxed. When the permanent dental crown is placed the area will be numbed again. At 209 Dental Care we offer several sedation methods and anesthetics and because we understand how terrifying dental anxiety can be. We will do our part to  ensure a pain-free and comfortable experience for you! To get started contact our experienced dental crown dentists for affordable dental crown costs.

The temporary dental crown will be placed for less than 2 weeks while the permanent crown is being prepared. Your tooth may be sensitive for those 2 weeks so avoid any food that is too hot or too cold. You should also avoid chewing any hard foods and sticky foods like gum or taffy. Keep in mind that these restrictions apply only for the temporary crown. Your permanent dental crown will function just like a natural tooth so you can eat what you’d like, especially if you opt for a zirconia dental crown. To get started contact our experienced dental crown dentists for affordable dental crown costs.

This is a dental emergency and you should call us immediately. Especially if you are in pain our emergency dentists are available for you right away. You can always call and come in the same day for any emergency appointments. It is important that you have one of our dentists professionals clean the crown, check the tooth and recement it. There may be an underlying reason why the crown fell off because it is a rare occurrence, so we need to get to the root cause immediately. If you are not able to come into the office for a visit give us a call and we will give you detailed instructions on what to do. To get started contact our experienced dental crown dentists for affordable dental crown costs.

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