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We understand your kids need a caring pediatric dentist who is friendly, gentle and comforting. Your kids will be at ease during their treatments and checkups.

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Regular dental check ups for the little ones To avoid dental issues and painful nights

Dental visits for your kids are essential for their long term
oral health. Cavities can easily go unnoticed, that’s why
regular checkups are important. Sooner the cavities are
detected the less damage they will cause to your kids teeth.

Your kids deserve healthy teeth and good oral health
We are your ​kids friendly dentist

Family dentists that you can count on to be gentle and friendly with your kids.

We Care

From the time you schedule a consultation, to starting a treatment  everything we do is with care in mind. We want your kids to enjoy their  experience with us while getting their check ups completed. So you can  freely rely on us taking care of the oral health of your entire family.

Advanced Technology

Not all dentists are the same, not all tools are the same. We have  carefully invested in the best set of tools because we want you and your  kids to have a safe and stress-free experience with little to no pain.

Safety First

The safety of your kids and your family is our priority. We take every  step necessary to ensure you and your kids are safe during treatments.

Invest in healthier teeth your kids can enjoy their whole life

Our Kids Dental Services

We have just the treatment to make your kids smile

Dental Checkups

Why dental checkups for your kids? Regular dental checkups
are an easy way to to detect cavities, gum disease, oral
cancer or other symptoms of oral disease. Detecting these
dental issues early on will help keep your kids teeth healthy
and avoid painful nights.

Preventative Dental Care

The first step in preventative dental care is to educate your
kids and yourself on healthy teeth habits, nutritions and safety
in sports. Learning about healthy habits and performing them
at home can keep teeth healthy, using mouthguards as safety
measures during sports can avoid accidental injuries.

Kids Braces or Invisalign

As parents we want our kids to have healthy and well
maintained teeth. If your child has gaps in teeth, crooked teeth
or uneven teeth we can help straighten and align their teeth
using advanced braces, or clear invisalign plastic aligners that
are not noticeable when they are wearing them.

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Why Choose Our Kids Dentistry Services?

We are a family run dental clinics, and we understand kids, we have them too. Your kids will feel comfortable and at ease while visiting our dental offices in Manteca or Modesto, CA. Our friendly staff knows how to care, and we understand sometimes reschedules are needed. So don’t worry, feel at ease knowing your dentist really cares about you and your family. Plus we perform all of the procedures at the comfort of our office. That means for you, your kids and your parents too, Yup! For the entire family. You can easily schedule a treatment or checkup for yourself and your kids the same day making it more convenient on your schedule. We also work around your schedule to complete the procedures, ensuring that you will never feel rushed or uncomfortable during the course of the treatments. We are the most affordable dental care providers in the central valley without sacrificing any quality. We simply believe in making the treatment experience smooth, comfortable and easy as possible for our patients.

We guarantee​ you’ll be glad you choose our cosmetic dentists.
You’ll be happy with the experience. ​That’s our promise!

20+ years of experience

We have helped over 10,000 patients bring radiant smiles. Our dentists are loved by our patients. We are proud to be helping patients bring their smiles back and maintain good healthy teeth.

We are fully licensed by the Dental Board of California. Voted Best Dentist, Member of CDA, ADA,

Our Patients Love us, and Their Smiles

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5 Habits to Having Healthier Teeth

Comfortable Environment, Friendly Dentists without the Dental Anxiety

At 209 Dental Care we know that you want to have healthy teeth and a beautiful smile. In order to do that, you need a dentist that takes away your dental anxiety. The problem is life gets busy and your oral care gets neglected which makes you feel embarrassed and frustrated. We make routine checkups and caring for your teeth a breeze by taking care of the scheduling for you.

We know you want healthy teeth and a beautiful smile which is why we make your oral health our priority. It’s no wonder our patients love us and love their new smiles.

Here’s how we do it: first let’s schedule a free consultation, then we’ll discuss treatment options that best fit you. Once we’re done you’ll love your smile and healthier teeth. So, let’s book a consultation. And in the meantime, here are 3 habits to having healthier teeth. So you can stop feeling embarrassed and instead start showing off your new smile.

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Kids Dentist FAQs

By age one, or within 6 months after the first tooth comes according to the AAPD (American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry).

Kids should see a dentist at the least every 6 months, just like adults. Regular dental checkups help keep an eye on any problematic developments that can be caught on early stages. Frequent visits will also develop confidence and comfort for your kids to see a dentist regularly.

Talking to them and explaining to your kids about what to expect at a dentist visit is a good start. Letting them know that it’s a friendly visit just for a simple checkup can keep them at ease. Explaining why a dental visit is important will help educate them and understand the process.

It goes without saying but, not before their permanent teeth are all out. Generally around age 7 or so, the exact age may vary but kids can get braces or invisalign at any age after their permanent teeth are out.

Again exact timing may depend on the condition of your kids teeth, but generally about 18 months or so. Minor fixes and alignments with braces or invisalign can take less time where other conditions can take longer to straighten and align the teeth.

Regular teeth cleanings and oral exams roughly every 6 months, forming good dental habits at home including brushing at least 2 times a day and flossing daily.

Exact answer depends on your insurance plan, but generally speaking yes. Because preventative dental care such as dental cleanings, and oral exams help prevent costly dental treatments, insurance companies usually will always cover these visits.

Yes, along with already low prices and most affordable dental care in Modesto, Manteca, Ripon, Tracy, Ceres, Salida, and other surrounding cities in the Central Valley. We do offer financing and payments options through Denefits, Lending Club and Care Credit.

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