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Restore your teeth’s functionality and your beautiful smile.

Missing teeth can immediately make you feel shy to smile and make it difficult to chew or speak. At 209 Dental Care, we offer truly permanent solutions for missing teeth that will last you a lifetime. Our dental implant specialists work hard to ensure that your single dental implants look, function, and feel just like your natural teeth. Book a consultation today to get started on your single dental implants.

If you are looking to replace multiple teeth our innovative All On 4 dental implant technique offers an excellent solution for you. This minimally-invasive procedure only uses 4 implants to create a custom-made replacement for a full arch of teeth. Plus, they are permanent so there’s no need to remove and clean the teeth like traditional dentures and they look completely natural. Schedule a consultation with our All on 4 dental implant specialist.

Multiple Dental Implants

Our dental implant specialists comprehensively examine your specific case to suggest the best solution to restore your dazzling smile. We sit down with you and discuss each option in-depth to come up with a plan tailored to resolve your multiple dental implant needs. Schedule a consultation to get started on your unique plan for multiple dental implants.

A limited number of dentists can carry out this procedure so we offer this service to our patients because implant supported dentures are a more dependable, durable, and comfortable alternative to traditional dental implants and dentures. Book a consultation to get started on your implant supported dentures.

Same Day Dental Implants

We understand that restoring the appearance and functionality of your teeth quickly is a priority for you. At 209 Dental Care, we make your priorities ours, so we advanced our dental implant technique to give you a perfect smile on the same day. Schedule a consultation for your same day dental implants.

Our emergency dentists available when you’re in pain.

It’s practically impossible to avoid accidents, but having a ready to go plan for when a dental emergency arises can save you from incredible pain. Our emergency dentists are trained to address unpredicted dental issues to provide immediate relief from your uncomfortable situation. Schedule a consultation to learn more about emergency dentistry and rest peacefully tonight knowing that you have an emergency plan.

Making Dental Visits Easy, Flexible And On Your Terms.

Beautify your smile with our comfortable and aesthetically pleasing braces options. Discover our affordable braces treatment plans. Schedule a consultation with our specialists for a custom treatment plan designed to make your smile straighter than ever before.

Dental Fillings

Cavities can be a painful problem and silver mercury fillings can be an unattractive solution. We repair your cavity with a white filling that seamlessly blends with your smile. Book a consultation to relieve yourself from painful cavities with our dental fillings.

Dental Bridges

To fix missing teeth, dental bridges can be a great, permanent solution. At 209 Dental Care we will work to create a dental bridge that looks completely natural and feels just like your own teeth. Let’s get started today and schedule a consultation for dental bridges.

Dental Cleanings

Professional dental cleanings are required once every 6 months for optimal oral health. During your dental cleaning, we also identify any areas that need special attention and provide you with preventative care steps as well as the knowledge you need to maintain healthy teeth and gums. For better oral hygiene, book an appointment for a dental cleaning with 209 Dental Care.

Dental Exams

Routine dental X-rays are an essential tool for preventative care that help our dentists detect any abnormalities in the structure of your teeth. We will be able to reveal early signs of bone loss, signs of misalignments, and any other problematic concerns so that you can get ahead of potential issues. To better understand your oral health, schedule a consultation with us and we will perform the dental exams you need.

Dental crowns are a viable option to restore the strength, appearance, and function of a tooth that has suffered from damage. Crowns also protect your tooth from future damage and enhance the appearance of your smile. We custom design and color our crowns to function and look just like your natural teeth. Let’s get started today and schedule a consultation for dental crowns.

Dental Lumineers

Do you want to have the perfect Hollywood smile? Or maybe you just want to brighten discolored and stained teeth, straighten out gaps and chips, or reshape your teeth. Whatever the reason may be our ultra-thin and durable dental Lumineers can help you achieve a confidence-boosting smile. Schedule a consultation to get one step closer to a perfect smile with dental limineers.

Missing teeth can not only impede your speech and make you shy about your smile but they can also lead to serious health concerns. We offer temporary, complete, and partial dentures to fit your specific needs. Schedule a consultation to learn more about our dentures options.

Oral Cancer Screening

Most cases of oral cancer can be successfully treated if diagnosed early, however, oral cancer has a high mortality rate because many people don’t know they have it until it worsens. Oral cancer screenings are a precautionary measure that should be taken by everyone to ensure early diagnosis which will remarkably increase your chances of overcoming it. Get on top of your oral health and schedule an oral cancer screening with us.

Periodontal Disease Treatment

Did you know that one out of every two American adults has periodontal disease and the chances of developing gum disease increase as you get older? The worst part is that it can lead to permanent bone and tooth loss. At 209 Dental Care, we are proactive with your oral health and help you prevent and treat periodontal disease. Schedule a consultation to talk about our periodontal disease treatment plans.

Root canals are used to treat infected teeth before the infection spreads and results in tooth loss. Once teeth become infected the pain can be intolerable. But don’t worry we will take care of you. We work to quickly and safely remove the infection and save the tooth. Book a consultation and let’s get started on your root canal treatment.

Sedation Dentistry

Nearly 75% of adults fear visiting the dentist, but your dental anxiety shouldn’t stop you from routinely visiting the dentist and receiving the treatments you need. Our trained sedation dentists are here to offer you various sedation options so that you feel safe and comfortable in the dental chair. Book a consultation to learn more about our sensation dentistry service.

If you are looking for alternatives to traditional dentures, snap-on dentures might be the solution for you. Our snap-on dentures combine the benefits of dental implants and traditional dentures through a safe and minimally-invasive procedure. Our snap-on dentures supported by dental implants are a more affordable treatment option for partial or full teeth replacement. Schedule a consultation and let’s fix your missing teeth problems.

TMJ Dentist

Are you experiencing pain in your jaw and face, headaches and migraines, or random popping sounds from your jaw? If so, you might be suffering from TMJ disorder. The good news is that we have a solution that eliminates your pain. Book a consultation to come and see our TMJ dentists.

Tooth-Colored Dental Fillings

We understand that traditional silver fillings can not only be unattractive but also destructive. Over time your teeth can crack and fracture with silver fillings. Enhancing and maintaining your beautiful smile is our priority, which is why we offer tooth-colored dental fillings that are matched to the color of your natural teeth. Learn more about our tooth-colored dental fillings by scheduling a consultation with us.

Gentle dental care for your kids too.

As a parent you want to know that your children are in safe hands. Rest assured, our pediatric dentist has 20+ years of experience in dentistry and we offer a full range of dental services for your children. We also make it our responsibility to teach your kids the proper at-home oral hygiene routine. Schedule a consultation to come and see our pediatric dentists.

Making lives beautiful one smile at a time.

Cosmetic Dental Bonding

At 209 Dental Care our dental bonding procedure is custom-designed to improve the appearance of teeth that are chipped, broken, cracked, stained or have gaps between them. To correct any minor defects and quickly enhance the appearance of your smile, book a consultation with us for dental bonding.

Smile Makeover

We understand how a bright smile can immediately boost your self-confidence. At 209 Dental Care our dentists take a comprehensive look at the quality of your teeth and gums to improve the overall appearance of your smile. You’ll be designing your perfect smile with our dentists every step of the way. Book a consultation today to start your smile makeover.

Gum Recontouring

Your gums play a crucial role in the overall appearance of your smile, so it’s not uncommon for patients to report dissatisfaction with the appearance of their gums. At 209 Dental Care we focus on the health and appearance of the gums just as much as the teeth. To make your smile as beautiful as possible our gum recontouring procedure reduces excessive gum tissues and restores receded gum tissue.Let’s get started today and schedule a consultation for gum recontouring.

Your smile should be your source of confidence, but crooked or misaligned teeth can make your smile a pain point instead. We have a licensed Invisalign® dentist to straighten your teeth through a pain-free procedure using invisible aligners. Schedule a consultation today to get one step closer to straighter teeth with Invisalign.

Porcelain Dental Veneers

If you have any signs of crooked, discolored, or damaged teeth our porcelain dental veneers offer a high-quality solution. Our trained cosmetic dentists can restore your teeth’s full functionality with veneers that are both durable and comfortable. The veneers will feel just like your own teeth and your smile will shine like never before. Let us help you get your perfect smile with porcelain dental veneers, book a consultation to speak to our cosmetic dentists.

Teeth Whitening

Using at home teeth whitening systems put you at the risk of their harmful side-effects such as enamel erosion and hypersensitive teeth. Luckily, our professional whitening services give you the bright smile you’ve always desired while keeping your teeth safe. Get whiter teeth today and book a consultation for teeth whitening.

Full mouth reconstruction may sound like a daunting procedure, but don’t be afraid we take the time to sit down with you and explain each detail of the procedure. No two mouths are the same, so no two full mouth reconstructions are the same. Book a consultation for a full mouth reconstruction to learn how we customize each treatment plan to your individual needs and circumstances.

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5 Habits to Having Healthier Teeth

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At 209 Dental Care we know that you want to have healthy teeth and a beautiful smile. In order to do that, you need a dentist that takes away your dental anxiety. The problem is life gets busy and your oral care gets neglected which makes you feel embarrassed and frustrated. We make routine checkups and caring for your teeth a breeze by taking care of the scheduling for you.

We know you want healthy teeth and a beautiful smile which is why we make your oral health our priority. It’s no wonder our patients love us and love their new smiles.

Here’s how we do it: first let’s schedule a consultation, then we’ll discuss treatment options that best fit you. Once we’re done you’ll love your smile and healthier teeth. So, let’s book a consultation. And in the meantime, here are 5 habits to having healthier teeth. So you can stop feeling embarrassed and instead start showing off your new smile.

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